Sunday, April 27, 2008


Definition:A competition or display of lassoing, bronco-riding, calf-roping, and steer-wrangling

Etymology:The American English word "rodeo" is taken directly from Spanish. The Spanish word is derived from the verb rodear, meaning "to surround" or "go around”.

Sentence:My friend is mad about the Rodeos since young as he lived his youth as a cowboy in Texas.

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Verdad de Verdad said...

The word Rodeo, in Spanish, has several acceptions. You are using the verb Rodear, but in the text the word Rodeo is a noun (Deporte típico de algunos países americanos que consiste en mantenerse montado a pelo sobre un caballo o res salvaje el mayor tiempo posible y hacer otros ejercicios de habilidad, como echar el lazo.)